The Compagnie des Rues is an industrial design firm based in Geneva, Switzerland. We design, manufacture and distribute different lines of urban and landscape elements. The designers, meaning ourselfs, are in direct contact with the customers, bypassing intermediaries. Our furniture is present in several European countries, in very diverse climates and contexts, from southern Italy to northern Norway, passing through major cities such as Paris. The Company des Rues offers urban elements of quality in relation to his time, both in the design and the materials of the different items of furniture, as in the relation to social and environmental concerns (sustainable). These ideas are present in the designs of the Company des Rues since its creation in 1998. As part of the new EPI line, founded in 2013, we incorporated a social dimension also in the process of industrialization and manufacturing of our furniture . Indeed, we launched the line in partnership with the a public institution for integration (EPI) of the Canton of Geneva, whose mission is the integration and the reintegration of people in difficulty. In this line, we also innovate with the delivery of our products, offering, if the customer wishes, packaging with furniture items unmounted. In this case the recipient will have to mount the element on-site. Minimizing the volumes for the transportation, they will save both in terms of environmental and transportation costs. Our furniture by the sobriety of its design and strength of materials, can integrate any urban or landscape context.


An architect in the landscape

Documentary from Carlos Lopez2009 / Switzerland / 60′

What room is there, in the landscape of our cities, for imagination, emotions… for our humanity? This question resides at the very heart of the approach chosen by Georges Descombes.As seen in a forest path part of the “Voie Suisse” network or in the refurbishment of an area devastated by an airplane crash near Amsterdam, the work of this landscape architect focuses on the notion of “just intervention”. Georges Descombes and some of his travelling companions, such as Herman Hertzberger and Michel Corajoud, speak of their work and cast a keen eye on modern architecture, which they find too withdrawn from real life. This film is a poetical and philosophical journey that will please all types of audience.“It’s possible to live without philosophy, without love, without music,… but is it worth it?”“It’s possible to live with an architecture devoid of artistic dimension,… but is it worth it?”

With: Georges Descombes, Michel Corajoud, Herman Hertzberger, Mira Kho, Martin Inderbitzin, Joseph Betschart, Isabelle Keller, Marie Bouvaist.
Production: Benjamin Poumey
Image: Denis Jutzeler
Sound: Rudy Decelière
Editing: Damian Plandolit